Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cool Photo Accessory Site

I was online earlier today, reading one of my many photography blogs, when I came across an online ad. It had an interesting name, but what peaked my interest was an image what seemed like a lens but with an opening on the side. I clicked the ad and it took me to Photojojo.com.

I found an interesting array of products that would make a very nice gift for the photographer in your life. First let's take a look at what first caught my attention, the Super-Secret Spy Lens. It's a lens that you place over your existing lens using an adapter. Within the lens is a mirror that directs your point of view in a 90ยบ angle Allowing you to basically shoot around corners. There's even a video that shows a photographer using it on the street to take images of individuals without them realizing it because the camera is never pointed at them. I guess it's a great tool for a photojournalist. However, I do have concerns about invasion of privacy and depending on how the images are used, there may be some legal issues with this. But overall, I think a very cool item for about $50.

The other item I though was worth purchasing is the White Balance Lens Cap. It's also around the $50 range and there are other plastic white balance grey card that are in the same range or even cheaper. What I like about this, is that it takes absolutely no extra space in your camera bag. It only replaces your existing lens cap. They are sold in different sizes, but I would recommend you get the largest size for your current group of lenses and place it over your smaller lenses. No point in spending $50 for each lens you own. If you're an amateur photographer and you don't understand white balance or don't know how to set a custom white balance on your camera, then you don't really need this. However, to get the most accurate colors, especially under mixed lights with varying color tempertures (Sun, tungsten, flourescent), then this is the tool you need.

Even if you're not a photographer there are still other items that can show off your photos. I actually like the Photoshop Photo Frame. It's a picture frame, but the frame is actually a Photoshop window on the Mac OS X platform. There's also camera straps made from old Seat Belts. There made from actual seat belts from cars in junk yards and come in a variety of colors. The most unique item is the Bowler Camera Bag. It'll only hold an SLR with lens and a few small items, but it doesn't look like a camera bag. So if you're traveling and don't want to look like a tourist, this is a nice way to conceal your camera equipment. Anyway, looks like they got quite a bit of items to display your photos. Just so you know I am in no way affiliated with this site, nor do I get any compensation from it. I just like the items on the site because they are unique. If I decide to purchase the lens cap or spy lens, I'll do a write up and give you my thoughts.