Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Free Portrait Sessions!

Yes the headline is correct and no I haven't lost my mind. This is a limited time offer through August 31st.

Who: This offer is available to any of my Facebook friends, Twitter followers, or anyone who stumbles onto this blog. So basically it's for everybody. Maybe you need to update your profile pic on your Facey Spacey, Twitty Tweet or Bliggity Blog page (okay that's a line from a Hulu.com commercial with Denis Leary) . The only limitation, is that you must be in the Atlanta metro area.

What: A free portrait session. This can be a simple headshot or a family portrait.

When: That's completely up to you and your schedule. I'll try to work around the time that works best for you. However, depending on the response, I may need to work you around sessions that have already been scheduled.

Where: At a location of your choosing. It can be in or around your home, maybe a park or a favorite spot. If you can't think of any place, I'll come up with some suggestions.

Why: Several reasons. First of all, I'm trying to build up my portfolio and need some subjects. Second, I'm hoping that you will love the photographs, that you'll end up telling all your friends. Therefore helping me build up my business.

As I mentioned this offer is open to everyone. If you decide to let me be your photographer, you'll receive all the images on disk or I'll make them available for download. I will not be offering prints, nor will I be trying to up-sell you any additional services or products. The images will all be high resolution jpegs, so that you can take them to your digital photo lab and make your own prints. You should easily be able to make prints as large as 11x14 or higher with the files you will be provided with. I will also provide you with a release that will allow you to make the prints. Some labs, in an effort to provide copyright protection, will not make prints if they feel the files are from a professional photographer (which these are).

I'm looking to photograph individuals, couples & families. I can probably accommodate a family of 4 or 5. So don't plan on a family reunion with 50 cousins, nieces & nephews because I won't be able to accommodate a group that size. What I'd really like to do is use this free session to help someone out. Maybe someone needs a headshot for a job or is starting up a new business and maybe needs their picture for their website. Maybe a young couple saving up for a wedding and in need of some engagement photos. Whatever the reason, if my service can help you or someone you know out, that would be a bonus, not a requirement.

I'd really like to do a couple's session at the Southern Railroad Museum. There are some old rail cars, the kind you'd see in old movies that would make a really interesting environment for a couple. I'd also like to photograph an athlete in their environment. Maybe a runner on a track, a cyclist with their bike, or anything that shows a person in their element.

For my friends that don't live in the Atlanta area, if I'm in your neck of the woods, I'll make the same offer when I'm in the area. I'll let you know.

Please check out my portfolio and then e-mail me at dave@davemphotography.com to schedule a time for our session.

If you're looking for a portrait photographer in the Atlanta area, visit my portfolio.

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