Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Took a trip up to Charlotte, NC to visit some friends and attend The Charlotte Oktoberfest.  I'll cover Oktoberfest in another post. Before my return to Atlanta, I was asked to photograph some images of these cousins.

I was only able to get one group shot, wrangling 3 in the middle of a game of "Freeze Tag", which I was also a part of and 2 dogs, is not an easy assignment. It definitely presents a challenge, but I still managed to get some good shots in what felt like only about 10 minutes.

I was shooting during the mid-morning with overcast skies. I wanted to improve the conditions and used a speedlight diffused with a Wescott Micro Apollo and CTO gel.  In an effort to keep mobile, I mounted the speedlight on a monopod and triggered with a set of Pocketwizard PlusII.

I also used a VALS, also known as Voice Activated Light Stand. I asked a parent to help hold the monopod with the OneLight setup. I like the result. The CTO added some warmth and the soft box created a nice soft diffused light.

The kids are all coming together in Atlanta in a couple weeks to celebrate the younger cousin's birthday. I hope to shoot some more images and have a bit more time. I'll be photographing the birthday party, which should prove to be interesting with a larger group of kids and a science themed party. I'm looking forward to the Mentos/Soda experiment.

In keeping with my experiment, these images were shot with my 50mm 1.8. Here are a couple more images from this session. Enjoy.


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