Friday, December 11, 2009

Model Shoot at the Nolan House | davem photography

I had a shoot last week at the Nolan House in Bostwick, GA. An interesting location, one I'll have to go back and visit.
The house is abandoned, but for the most part structurally sound. I got a call from Steven Skelton of [ssp]* studios about doing a shoot here, so I jumped at the chance to shoot at this location.

I actually arrived a little early and took a couple exterior shots. I like the old architecture and the weathered texture of the house. Here are a couple shots of the exterior.

Steven arrived a few minutes later and brought along our model Sara and Tim, another photographer. Steven had a certain setup he wanted to work on. If I recall correctly, there were 5 speedlites with various colored gels to get desired look. Here's a shot I got from that setup.

Here are several where only 1 strobe was used with a grid spot. I like the contrast between Sara's red dress and the darkness surrounding her.
I prefer this setup without the gelled flashes. Maybe I'm just a fan of OneLight.

A bit later we had Anna, our second model arrive. Steven worked with Anna and I continued to work with Sara. She changed to another dress and we got these shots.
I used an Apollo 28" Soft box on these images. Very quickly becoming one of my favorite light modifiers.

While we were getting setup for our next set of shots, a sheriff officer pulled up to the house. We were obviously trespassing. We explained to the officer what we were doing and he toured the house to make sure there was no criminal activity going on and informed us to leave. However, he did it in a way that let us know that he was okay if we stayed a little bit longer, but we needed to start breaking down and packing up our gear.

I packed up everything except my OneLight setup and got some shots of Anna before calling it quits.

I am pleased with the end result. Still want to work with multiple lights as I've got a lot to learn. However, one light can create some really dramatic images.

It was a pleasure working with Sara and Anna.

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