Sunday, January 24, 2010

South Atlanta Flickr Meet | davem photography

I finally made it out to a South Atlanta Flickr Meet. Got to see some familiar faces and meet some new colleagues.
This was a fairly new experience for me, since I usually work on location and not in a studio. I really like the white seamless look.

We met at Studio 42 in Locust Grove. They had 3 setups and 3 models. The white seamless was setup with 2 White Lighting X1600 lighting up the white background and a beauty dish for the main light.
I wanted to try something different than everyone else and pulled up this chair and tried several different positions.
I really liked how they turned out and then processed them in black & white and liked them even better.
I'm going to play around with the white seamless at home once I get a roll of white background paper. I've been wondering if I would need more powerful lights and after a quick search found this. So, I should be able to use small flashes to create a similar look. However, I don't think I'll be able to make 9 feet of background go pure white. For a more in-depth look at creating a white seamless background check out this article.

I then moved over to another setup using a black background. I really like the contrast between the red sofa and black background.
This setup was much simpler. I don't remember what brand of studio lights these were. There were two lights, one reflective the other shoot through.

Third setup was a single light with a soft box. At one point we even turned on a fan to get that wind blowing look. The background was 3 wood panels on hinges that created a completely different look.
Had a really good time and I plan on making it down to future meets. Once the temps warm up and the sun is out longer, there will be some nice outdoor locations around the studio that will work nicely.

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