Wednesday, March 17, 2010

GOYA - Atlanta Fair

This past weekend I went to the Atlanta Fair with my nephew and his mom.  As things around here are a bit slow right now, I thought it was a great opportunity to take my camera and use my favorite lens, the nifty fifty (50 mm f/1.8).

My nephew Xander, wanted to ride the Ferris Wheel with me as soon as we walked in. No problem, I thought. I can't remember ever being afraid of heights, but quickly found out that I have a slight fear of heights. Xander on the other hand was having a great time. After taking a couple of deep breaths and convincing myself that it was perfectly safe, I took some shots from up high.
I actually felt better looking through the viewfinder. Of course as soon as I started to get comfortable, the Ferris Wheel stopped. The one thought that came to my mind was something my friend said about these rides being held together with duct tape. Luckily the ride resumed quickly and it was over.

We then proceeded to ride the Scrambler & Tilt-A-Whirl. Xander knows no fear. He loves being spun around fast. I got this shot right after the Tilt-A-Whirl. I've never seen a happier kid.
Later we went through a fun house and he got on the kiddie rides. Although he enjoyed them, he kept telling the operator to make them go faster.

We finished the day going through the Hall of Mirrors, going up to the second level and then going down a circular slide.
I  got the shot above before going down the slide. I love the colors and the abstract look.

I'm glad I brought the camera. I got a couple shots that I'm really happy with (especially the close-up of Xander).

I've got a couple other GOYA (Get Off Your A**) shoots that I'll be blogging about. So why do GOYA type shoots? It's a way for me to stay sharp, try new techniques and remain creative.

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