Monday, May 3, 2010

Published in The Detroit News | davem photography

Last week I got a call from a friend that needed some photos for an article that was being published in The Detroit News. The story is about Michiganians moving back to start up new businesses and helping the local economy.
I worked with Eric at my previous job and have been helping him out with my graphic design skills. Most recently, I redesigned his company website, but have also designed t-shirts, labels and logo.

Eric and his wife, Kim, are working to bring back a regional peanut butter brand that they grew up with. The product is already available in several local stores. With the kind of exposure they're getting in the local media, you may soon see Velvet Peanut Butter in some major grocery store chains in the Michigan area.

I was happy to photograph the family. It was short notice and maybe had an hour of daylight, so I had to move quickly. I setup a 60" reflective umbrella as my main light source and did several setups behind their house. Here are some of my favorite from this assignment.
Eric, being a smart business man wanted the product or brand in the photos. Even the kids wore Velvet Peanut Butter t-shirts. I thought holding the jars was a little to unnatural. I'm glad I went with the jars on the stone wall. I actually prefer the last image (vertical), but the paper decided on the horizontal to fit their layout. Glad I shot it both ways. Always good to give the editor options. Something I've learned from reading blogs by other photojournalists.

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