Tuesday, June 1, 2010

South Atlanta Flickr Meet | davem photography

I went to another great South Atlanta Flickr meet at a great location, Porterdale Mill Lofts. Great scenery and if it was closer in town, I would really consider moving into this building.
The backside of the building faces a river that is great location for a photo shoot. We had 4 models to work with. More pics with Dawn right after the jump.

The weather was not cooperating with us. There was rain rolling in, but the clouds added so much texture to the images. Luckily it didn't rain too hard and then stopped so we could continue shooting outdoors. Here are more of Dawn by the river.
These were all shot with a 580EXII and the DIY Beauty Dish.

I also got some nice one's with Kimberly by the river.


Some of the units were vacant and open, so I took the opportunity to shoot some natural window light with Trent.

I used a 3 light setup for the shots with Chris. The 580EXII in the Beauty Dish and 2 430EXII with Grids. I had help with 2 VAL (Voice Activated Lightstands) for the side lights.

Another great location and shoot coordinated by the South Atlanta Flickr Admins. Looking forward to this month's wedding themed shoot.

I've been a little slow to post on the site, but I've had some assignments that have kept me a little busy. I'm hoping to catch up and have a second post this week.

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