Friday, September 17, 2010

The Beauty of Prints - davem photography

A couple of weeks ago I tweeted about receiving some prints that I ordered for myself. These were images from some personal work I had done. I'm my own worst critic and have never felt my work was good enough to have printed and hang on my wall.
These images were some of my favorite and I ordered these 16x24 prints mounted on 3/4" foam board with a black laminate around the side.

I was stunned at the quality once I received them. I finally got around to cleaning up the office and and hanging these prints. It will now serve me as a reminder of what I'm capable of doing and to set goals to continue doing this kind of work. I even left room below for future prints on this wall.

Before digital, I actually shot a lot of film. Somewhere I have negatives from a trip I took out west. I remember actually shooting several shots of the Grand Canyon with the specific purpose of creating a large panoramic print. I need to find those negatives and put that together. Whether digital are sitting on your computer or negatives in a box, what's the purpose if you can't display and share those images with others.

No matter how good an image is, it's even better when it's been enlarged, printed on quality photographic paper and hanging on your wall.

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