Monday, April 25, 2011

On Assignment : RE Magazine Editorial Shoot

First let me apologize for being away for so long. Between getting taxes done, some graphic & web design projects, and training for my half iron distance race in 2 weeks, there has been little time to keep up on the blog. Hopefully this will resume the regular blog schedule.

So let's start with some good news. I got another cover! My first for RE Magazine. I have done several shoots for RE Magazine, but for one reason or another, they always use another image for the cover.
More images after the jump.

This was a long day of shooting. We started the morning at the office and shooting some shots during a staff meeting. Since the meeting room had windows, I was able to shoot without any additional light. I believe I was at ISO 800.

After the meeting I shot a group photo in the lobby. There wasn't a lot of room and I was backed up against a wall. I used only one light, a 580EXII with a 60" reflective umbrella for this shot.
I'm always amazed at how versatile that one light with a 60" umbrella is. A couple years ago I never would have thought I could light a group of 18 with one light.

Later in the afternoon I met Tamra and her family at her home. We needed a nice family photo that showed them interacting with one another for the story. We came up with this setup showing the kids working on homework while Tamra prepares dinner.
This was not an easy setup. I shot it from various angles trying to find one that showed off the interaction without faces being covered up by someone else. I used the same one light setup. Since the house had high ceilings I raised the light high to simulate interior lighting from above. Once the light was set, I just moved around and let them interact with very little direction. Of course it was a little awkward for them, but once they got into a conversation, they settled into a very natural setting and that's when I got this shot.

The last shot was for the cover. We had tried earlier, but it was windy and we were having problems with hair and my umbrella flying away. We stepped out to a green space in front of their home and got this shot.
I used the same one light setup, under exposed the background a little bit. I believe it was around 6pm and the sun was beginning to set, which is why you get the warm color on the background. I was also able to use the umbrella to block the sun from Tamra and use it as my modifier for my flash.

Things are starting to pick up again. I just did another assignment for RE Magazine this week and I've got another assignment that I need to setup for next week. I hope to keep the blog up to date with upcoming work. Stay tuned.

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