Friday, August 21, 2009

Herman Family Portrait

Had a portrait session the other day with one of my favorite families. They are my best friends and they have a wonderful son.

It was a hot and humid evening. I was lucky to get some great shots, because between the mosquitos, heat and humidity no one really wanted to be outside. However, you'd never be able to tell from the images I got. I shot everything in available light and used shade to control any harsh light.

It was a little difficult to get the dogs into place. They're both a Labrador mix and full of energy. Although great dogs, they're not used to sitting still for too long, so I had to work quickly and shoot off several frames to make sure I got a couple good ones.

This next one is one of my favorites. Xander is totally into bugs and he's always searching for them. I needed something that showed his personality. He's very playful and loves being outdoors.

I brought all the images into Lightroom for some slight color correction. I shot in RAW and even had set WB to Shade, the sun was reflecting of the side off the house, which is a bright yellow. The house cast a golden glow, but it was a bit too much, and I dialed it back in Lightroom.

I've got a couple more sessions coming up next week, I'll post those images as soon as I'm done.

Here's a slideshow of some more images.

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