Monday, August 24, 2009

Neubauer's Portrait Session

I had another portrait session this past weekend. I know Melissa from when we used to work together. She's been following my blog and when I promoted the offer to do free portrait sessions, she was one of the first to contact me. Melissa and her husband Craig wanted photos that incorporated the Atlanta skyline and of course their dog Peanut Butter. We were a bit worried due to the weather. We had rain overnight and it looked dark and stormy Saturday morning. After a quick check of the radar and confirmation that there was no incoming rain, we proceeded with the shoot.

The image above is my favorite from this session and it just so happens it was the first shot of the day. I love the clouds in this image and I'm glad they hadn't cleared out yet, but enough to provide some blue sky and provide some soft light.

Shot a vertical as well. Although you don't see the blue sky as much in this shot and you miss the skyline, I still like it.

We moved to another location within Piedmont Park. It's not unusual to see other photographers here. It's a very popular location. We waited a few minutes for another photographer and couple to finish in this spot. I like the casual pose in this shot. Peanut Butter is a good dog, but it's not easy to get a dog to sit still or pose in a particular way. I got lucky with Peanut Butter.

I shot this one from above. The sun was behind and I didn't want to deal with the effects of shooting into the sun. I climbed onto a stone wall and shot down. This provided a nice backdrop.

I think Peanut Butter got tired of taking pictures because he didn't want to sit on the park bench for this picture. I like the color of the flowers and it provides a nice texture and backdrop.

I had a great time shooting and I hope you both enjoy the photos. Thanks for letting me be your photographer.

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Melissa N. said...

Thanks for the pictures, they look great!