Saturday, September 12, 2009

Site Redesign Coming!

Been a bit of a slow week without taking any pictures, but I'm using this time to work on the business side of things. I'm currently redesigning my portfolio site and working on some marketing ideas. I've kept the basic layout the same, but have made some major revisions on color. I'm switching from the black background to all white. I think it provides a simpler, cleaner and more professional look. It has more of a museum gallery feel, which I like. I wasn't going to change it, but playing around a bit with some ideas and researching other sites, I made the switch. I'm also increasing the size of the images. So it's more focused on my photography and less on the design of the site. It's not up yet, but will be soon (maybe a week or two). I still have some work to do.

I designed the site in Flash, but was reminded by a client that the site could not be seen on her iPhone. She was trying to show my work to some friends. When you're trying to get your work to be seen and hopefully generate future work, you don't want to hear that your work was not accessible. The next step is to recreate the site in HTML and provide a home page where the visitor can select the version of the site they want to view. Although, HTML is easier than Flash, I think it'll take me longer to get this side up.

I'm also updating another portfolio site for a friend of mine that happens to be a makeup artist. There's also some photography work that I'm looking into that will help out the local community. I'll post more details as soon as I sign up. Also, keep an eye on the blog. I'm going to attempt to hack the CSS code and redesign the blog as well. There are some things I like about Blogger and some things I don't. I'm hoping to change at least the design to make it look more like I want.

If you're looking for a portrait photographer in the Atlanta area, visit my portfolio.

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