Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day at the Atlanta Zoo

There are some perks to being your own boss. Today I got a call from a great friend and was asked if I wanted to go to the Atlanta Zoo and spend some time with Xander, my nephew. It was an overcast day, but temps were cool and it was promising to be a beautiful day, so why not.

I think Xander wants to be a photographer as well. He's got a toy digital camera, but forgot to bring it. For a 4 year old, he takes some pretty good shots. There's sort of an inside joke within our group of friends, we have tons of photos of use taking pictures of each other like the one above.

I think he's already out grown is toy camera. Not to mention it's large and clunky. He definitely prefers a smaller camera.

There's a new exhibit at the zoo, filled with birds. They are all rather tame and will allow you to feed them. Very cool! If you're into taking pictures of birds, you can't go wrong here.

If you haven't been to the zoo lately, you should go. It's been several years since I was last here and quite a bit has changed. We went during the middle of the week and there were no lines and getting around was easy. Here are some animal pics. The panda and snake were shot through glass. I'm surprised how clear the images came out.

It was a great day and a nice break in the middle of the week. I'm off for a long weekend for a short vacation. Heading up to Snowshoe, WV for some hiking, biking and relaxing with some friends. Bring the camera of course. I'll be doing some family portraits and I plan on doing some mountain bike action shots. I'll post those on the blog when I get back. Hope you all have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend.

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