Thursday, September 3, 2009

Chris & Courtney 1 Year Anniversary Photos

Chris and Courtney contacted me to shoot their 1 year anniversary photos. I had posted on my blog previously that I'd like to do a session at the Southern Railroad Museum. Chris saw that and after sending him a link to the site, agreed to meet at this location.

I called the Southern Railroad Museum to make sure I could photograph on the site. I didn't anticipate any problems, but it's alway safe to ask. Nothing worse like showing up for a location and then being told you can't shoot. They were okay as long as it wasn't for commercial purposes.

The museum has a bunch of old train cars and locomotives. It's almost a junk yard for trains, but some of them are very well maintained, however there is that old musty smell in most of them. It's also interesting to see how people travelled cross country and the accommodations available during that time period. It was surprising to see some of the older cars had a bit more room compared to some of the newer train cars.

It was a challenge to shoot in a small and cramped environment, but for the most part, there was enough light coming in through the windows. In one instance I used an off camera flash triggered by a pair of Pocket Wizard Plus IIs. I had to extend my left arm and bounce the light off the ceiling. There just wasn't enough room for a light stand, but does make me wish I had a Manfrotto Justin Clamp.

I used a flash on this shot as well. Need some additional light to help add some fill light. I like the way I was able to capture some of the reflection from the interior and exterior of the train car.

Chris & Courtney were happy with the location and I hope they enjoy their photos. Happy Anniversary.

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