Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Athens Strobist Meet

I drove out to Athens to meet up with fellow photographers in the area. Despite some rain and cold temps, we got some great images.
By looking at these images, you'd never be able to tell it was 44˚F. I've never worked with models before, but great job by Clinton & Monica.

None of use were very enthusiastic about working in these conditions. We stood around for a bit and introduced each other and got to know where we were with our skills. Steven Skelton organized and started this group and I believe this is the 3rd time the group has met.
We started out with going over some basics. Explaining how aperture & shutter speed affect you image when using flash. There were a few that didn't own a flash or radio trigger, but there were enough available to lend out.

After doing an intro into Off Camera Flash and where not to spend your money,  I was ready to shoot some images. Once again, I used only my 50mm 1.8. I really love how sharp this lens is compared to my other lenses. It was able to focus in low light, although it did have to hunt for focus a few times.

I gathered with the other half of the group and joined in on photographing Monica. We were using a Wescott 50 inch Apollo Softbox. I really need to get me one of these. Here are some sample images.

I then moved onto Clinton. I used a 42 inch shoot through umbrella for these shots.

After a couple shots, I joined the rest of the group at a 3rd setup. At this point Monica was shivering and Steven told her she was done and needed to go warm up in the car. Clinton is trained as a dancer and you can tell from these images. These are some of my favorites from the day.

I'd like to thank Steven for organizing this event and a big thank you to Clinton & Monica for braving the cold weather, you guys went above and beyond what I expected. I look forward to the next meet in November. If you'd like to come out and join the group you can get that information here.

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