Saturday, December 19, 2009

Engagement Session | davem photography

I had an engagement session a couple of weeks ago. We've been trying to meet for several months. Weather was always the reason for rescheduling. We finally got a break.
We met at Piedmont Park. As I've mentioned before, this is a popular location. So I was determined to look for some new and interesting angles.

Even though it was early December, we still had some leaves on trees and that provided some great color and backdrop for the photos.
As we walked around, I spotted this tree with this rich color. I switched to my 70-200 mm at f/2.8 and shot this in available light. I'm typically using a flash, but this worked great with the sun slightly behind and to the left.

Here's another showcasing the nice autumn day. This was shot with a 17-40 mm f/4. Quickly becoming a favorite lens of mine. I love how sharp it is and that I can go wide and capture more of the surrounding environment

I found this other location and shot several images here. I liked the texture of the stone wall and the vines provided a different backdrop. A break in the vines also provided a nice frame for some of these shots.

The following is one of my favorite locations at Piedmont Park. It allows you to get a bit of the Midtown skyline and if you've got a day with very little clouds, makes for a very nice image.
I heard back from Tenisha after she received the photos and she said "The pictures are better than I remembered!".  Thanks! We are already planning another shoot early next year. I'm happy that you like the photos.

I've been using the new PocketWizard MiniTT1 & FlexTT5 remotes and I'm really liking that I can shoot at 1/320th of a second to bring the brightness of the sky down. On really bright days, this helps keep a lot of the detail in the clouds and helps bring out the rich blue sky.

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