Monday, December 21, 2009

Brother & Sister II | davem photography

About a month ago, I did a session with a Randy & Rebecca, brother & sister. This prompted Rachel to schedule a session with her own brother, Ross. You may remember Rachel from a previous post. I just noticed a pattern of brother & sisters with names starting with the letter "R".
It was a cold morning (30ยบ) at Piedmont Park. But Rachel & Ross did well considering the temps. It was a cloudy morning and you could barely see some blue sky peeking through the clouds.

You can tell Rachel is the goofball in the family. Apparently there's always a shot of her playfully punching Ross.

I asked them both to jump for a shot, but Ross is not a jumper. I thought it would be a good way to help them stay warm.
However we still got some great shots.

I also tried going to one of my favorite spots hoping that the clouds would break and show some blue sky, but no luck. I still like the playful interaction between Rachel & Ross.

I also like these set of stone steps on the west side of the park. Although I've shot here before, I hadn't tried these angles.

Despite the freezing temps, we got some great shots. Once I start shooting and getting into that frame of mind, I don't notice the cold.

Thank you Ross & Rachel, I enjoyed creating these images for you. Have a Merry Christmas!

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Rachel said...

It was fun! Cold but really fun. Ross can't smile a normal smile to save his life but you made him look good. Thank you!!

DaveMPhoto said...

You're very welcome. Always a pleasure working with you, even when it's freezing outside.