Monday, December 21, 2009

Subway Get Fit Photo Shoot | davem photography

For the past year, I've been doing some work for WSB-TV and the Subway Get Fit Challenge series. This past Friday was the final show taping. It started with 30 individuals seeking a healthier lifestyle through better eating habits and exercise.  You can tune in Saturday, December 26th at 12:30 p.m. on WSB-TV to watch the show.
I shot behind the scenes of the show during the taping. The finalists also came in for hair & makeup and I did a portrait session with each.

I shot in the studio in available light. As expected, the lighting on the stage was well done and allowed me to shoot at ISO 800 @ f/4. I'm surprised at how little noise is visible, even zoomed in to 100%.

The portraits were shot at ISO 200 @ f/8. I brought in a black paper background. I used a Wescott Apollo soft box to the right and a white reflector on the left for fill. I also had a 2nd light for the background as I wanted some separation, but I had issues triggering that flash. Images still look good, but I think a little light  behind the subject would have made them better. The  flash fired when no one was standing in front of it, but would fail as soon as I had a subject in front of the camera, go figure. I'll have to test out the 430EX flash and see what the problem is.

Here's the series of portraits.
Thank you Brandi, Amy, & Miranda. You guys are the hardest working producers and the best in the business. I would love to work with you again.

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