Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Photo Stroll & Brewery Tour - Hampton, GA

This post is from a fun shoot a month ago, feels like a lot longer. The photo stroll was organized by the South Atlanta Flickr group. We met at the Jailhouse Brewery in Hampton, GA. We got a tour of the facilities and sample their product.
It didn't take much to convince me to drive down to Hampton, GA and check out a local brewery. I'm kind of a beer snob and I have to say, I really enjoyed their sampling of beers.

The brewery takes it name from the building it is housed in. The two-story brick structure was built in the 1920's and through the years has been a jail, courthouse, & fire station. The building has been renovated and there is still work being done on the 2nd floor which will eventually become the visitors area & tasting room.
I'm not the kind of guy that drinks beer from the larger breweries. Even when I travel, I usually seek and ask for local brews to sample. So far, the ones I have tried have been very good and surpass the more common brews in quality and taste.
We got to see the operation and ask questions about the brewing process. I've done some home brewing before and I'm familiar with the process, but this is certainly more impressive than my kitchen.
I got to smell and even taste the ingredients used in the brewing process, even one that hasn't been brewed yet. It smelled like a good southern barbeque. I'm told that it will be brewed in the fall. I'm looking forward to sampling it along with a side of ribs.

After the tour and finishing the sampling of brews, we headed out onto the streets of Hampton, GA for a photo stroll. It's a small town and probably hasn't changed much and provides a great opportunity for some photographs.

Here's a few from our walk through town.
I love the rays of light generated by the clouds as the sun set this evening. I'm glad I took these shots as I was able to use them when I composited them into the athletic shoot I did the following day. I need to go out more often and just photograph clouds and see if I can get lucky again and get similar rays.

Because I wanted to keep it simple on this stroll, I only used one lens, the 50mm f/1.8. A favorite lens of mine and one I should use more often.

If you're looking for great tasting beer, take a short drive down to Hampton, GA and visit the Jailhouse Brewing Company. They host tours Wednesdays 5-7 pm and Saturday 2-6 pm. Check out their site for more details and directions.

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