Monday, January 10, 2011

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My photos got published in the January 2011 issue of Wingfoot magazine. They were from the Atlanta Track Club's Run Around the Rock race, back in October. Nothing puts a smile on my face like seeing my work in print. They always look better printed than on a computer monitor.
I didn't get the cover. The honor goes to my fellow colleague James Reynolds, a fantastic photographer. We geeked out talking photography gear and lighting at the Atlanta Half Marathon Expo. We could spend hours talking photography.

More photos after the jump.

I got the issue last week. Atlanta Track Club members should have received their copy by now or in the next couple of days. I was surprised to see how many photos made it into this one issue.

Some of my favorites from the race made it into the magazine and others did not. Take a look.

I liked this one the moment I saw it, but I had to make a change.

I liked it better without the other two runners in the background, so I Photoshopped them out. I think it makes for a stronger photo.

In any race, you have the strong & fast runners that are focused and determined to go as fast as they can.

The image above is of Sam. A fast runner and a good coach. I met him when I signed up for the Peachtree 10k training program a couple years ago. He was a big help in getting me back into running. I always see him whenever I'm at one of the races.

I also like the ones that are out there for fun and will smile & wave at the camera.

I look forward to shooting more races in 2011. The Atlanta Track Club is a great organization with some fantastic individuals making sure everything runs smoothly at each race. Thanks so much for allowing me to capture these images and publishing them in your magazine.

As far as gear used, I shot the whole race with a 70-200 mm @ ƒ2.8.

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