Wednesday, January 19, 2011

HFE Rise & Run | davem photography

This assignment was from this past October. It's a bit late, I know, but I was busy towards the end of the year and I'm catching up since it's kind of slow and the weather isn't great for shooting outdoors.
I was asked to shoot photos of the race with 50% of the proceeds going back to the school. Some may question why give 50% of the profits from the sale of photos back to the school. Sometimes you can use your talent to help someone or an organization. I chose to help this school out. As a result, I also made a few connections that led to a couple more clients.

I really enjoyed this shoot and had a great time. As a runner, I was pleased to see so many children actively participating in the runs. There was a kids 1 mile fun run followed by a 5k run. Most of the kids did both and some even ran with their parents. It's great to see families enjoying themselves doing an outdoor activity that promotes health  & well being.

The morning started with some group stretching and fun characters. Everyone had a great time.

These are some of my favorite of the day, especially the ones with the parents and kids running together.

Part of the fundraising part was a pancake breakfast. How can you go wrong with pancakes after a morning run. I even got a plate of pancakes at the end of the shoot.

As I mentioned, I made a few new connections and booked two family sessions from this shoot. I also got reconnected with a former co-worker that has given me the opportunity to do some graphic design work and even the opportunity to meet and photography Bobby Bowden. Those post are coming up soon.

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