Sunday, December 18, 2011

On Assignment: Atlanta Track Club - Haunted Hustle 5k

Here are some photos from the Haunted Hustle, a cross country 5k put on by the Atlanta Track Club. A 5k is so short that I wasn't able to move along the course like I normally do. It was also a 2 loop course, so at least I got to shoot everyone twice.

First up was the kids fun run. It was a small group but they still had a fun run.

I like these last images. A father & daughter sharing a run and having a good time and the little girl finishing. How cute that she ran with her stuffed toy?

Next up was the main event with a lot larger field.

I had recently tuned in to a webcast with the editor for Mens Health and what they look for in their photos. They like a lot of sky, blue if possible. I tend to lean that way as well.

Some of the kids ran in the adult race and as you can tell, had themselves a great run.

Since it was right before Halloween, they had some nice decorations at the finish line.

This a very flat and fast course. I'd definitely consider this for a future race.

It's already the end of another year and time to spend it with family and friends. I don't plan on blogging for the next 2 weeks. Maybe I'll have a chance to work on the new site. Expect a new post at the start of the new year.  Thanks for reading and supporting my work. Hope you're able to spend the holidays with those closest to you.

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