Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kodachrome Goes Away

On Monday June 22, 2009 Kodak announced that it would no longer produce Kodachrome film. You can read the press release here. It's not surprising that sales are down considering the rise of digital. Aside from my parents who haven't switched to digital (mainly because I haven't bought them one for fear that I'll end up being tech support and they don't own a computer) I don't know of anyone personally that still uses film. I grew up shooting on Kodak film and photography and Kodak were one and the same to me.

There were many iconic images shot with Kodachrome, images that graced the covers of National Geographic, Time, Life and many other magazines. If you're interested in seeing a gallery of these images, follow this link. It's kind of sad to hear this news, makes me nostalgic for the gold old days and simpler times. Don't get me wrong, I love digital and I think there are great advances still to be made, but I do have some fond memories. During one of my high school photography classes, my teacher decided to take class pictures using Paul Simon's "Kodachrome" as the soundtrack for that shoot. It's a fun catchy tune. In the spirit of Kodachrome, here's a video of Paul Simon's performance.
There are already several fans that have posted their own slideshow with this soundtrack on YouTube.

Every once in a while I see old logo t-shirts. I'm wondering if there are any Kodak or Kodachrome t-shirts available on the Internet. I haven't looked, but if I find a place where I can order, I'll post the link here. If you happen to know, send me an e-mail or post a comment.

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