Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Black & White Conversions | davem photography

As promised, here are the black & white conversions from the previous post.  Except for 2 images, these are all different shots from the same shoot.
I have always felt that black & white images evoke a more somber mood. Which is why I like the image above. I like the detail, contrast, his pensive expression and the railing gives off a feel of a jail or prison.

More images after the jump.

I like the weathered texture and the peeling paint on this garage door. I think it works well in black & white.

I still prefer color images, however depending on the subject matter, black & white can create a more dramatic image. It's something I'll have to consider on future shoots. I'm actually considering shooting a future video in B&W due to the subject and story. I can't comment about it right now, since I won't even start the project until next week and it may be several weeks or months before it's complete. However, I'm really looking forward to it and it will be another one of those projects that will take my work to the next level.

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Kim Combs said...

Dave you continue to inspire me...thanks for blogging/sharing your images and thoughts!!!