Friday, October 8, 2010

South Atlanta Flickr Meet - September | davem photography

I attended last month's South Atlanta Flickr meet and shot less than 50 frames. I almost didn't post anything, but I still had some decent shots to share.
Instead of shooting, I kind of hung around a bit and socialized instead. It's a great group, so it's easy to stand around and chat. We had only 2 models and there were several new members that could have used the time.

We were shooting at a new location. It had some potential as it was on a roof top, but there was a misunderstanding with the restaurant and there was a negative vibe from the start.  Service and food were sub-standard. Compared to Season's Bistro, the difference was night and day.

Since we still had daylight, I started out shooting in natural light. There was a set of metal stairs that let down to an alley and I decided it would make for an interesting  setup to shoot with Dylan.

Next up was Cassy.
I wish I knew of a similar place in Atlanta with a skyline background. If there is, it's probably a closely guarded secret.

Next, we headed into the alley. Since we started to loose light, we had to use strobes from this point on. This was a simple setup. A flash on a monopod, 42" shoot-thru umbrella and VAL (Voice Activated Light stand).
At the start of the shoot we were told that the theme would be to shoot in black & white. Which you can do by changing your settings on your camera, but when shooting RAW it doesn't matter. I prefer shooting color images since that's what I'm used to doing. I also haven't done a whole lot of black & white processing, so it's something I'm going to work on. No, it's not as simple as hitting a button to remove the color. Actually it is, but I like to tweak the image and experiment a bit to achieve a certain look.

Once I've done the b&w processing I'll post another blog with the images.

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